NAN0156: 2 Rai of Chanote Land in Ao Nang - Bargain Price!

THB 5,700,000 Sale
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locationlocation Ao Nang / Краби
  • Residential Property
  • checkcheckЧанот
  • Info
  • Равнина Land
  • 100 m Длина
  • 30 m Ширина
  • 3,200 m² Размер участка
  • checkcheck Телефонная линия
  • checkcheck Дорога
  • checkcheck Электричество
  • checkcheck Вода
  • checkcheck Канализация

NAN0156: 2 Rai of Chanote Land in Ao Nang - Bargain Price!


One of Ao Nang better buys for a villa development. This is 2 Rai of Chanote land for sale is situated in a quiet area just outside the main tourist area and 5-minutes from Ao Nang beach. The plot is also long and is ideal for making a larger villa with garden and pool. Access is available from the main road and water and electricity are on hand. A designated 4m public road runs along side the land plot and on the front edge so no need to cut into the land area for making access roads. Approx diemesions are 30m x 100m.

The land is valued at over 3m per Rai. For only 2 Rai this represents an ideal purchase for those looking to start a project in Ao Nang.




locationlocationAo Nang / Краби
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